• Dark Mode support for Nami paywalls.
  • Adds support for paywalls in iMessage Extensions! Note that special setup is required.


  • Adds Xcode 11 support via XCFramework, available in XCode11/
  • Improved Objective-C visibility for some classes like NamiMetaPurchase.
  • For Objective-C, can now import Nami.h instead of Nami-Swift.h.
  • Added Objective-C demo app.
  • Fixes UI issues for paywalls on the iPad.
  • Reduces frequency of profile data transmissions.
  • Improves iOS 13 support.


  • Support for 3rd party analytics services like Adobe and Google Analytics - Paid Enterprise Feature
  • Added example projects demonstrating Adobe and Google Analytics integration
  • Fixed issue with session calls not being made under some conditions.
  • Improved storeKitBypass subscription product result.
  • Corrected Nami paywall display of non-subscription products.
  • Added paywall gating mechanism so application can always choose to veto paywall raise.
  • Purchase handler callbacks now always occur on main thread.


  • Nami SDK now supports ObjectiveC.
  • Added support for Carthage distribution.
  • Added support for CocoaPods distribution.
  • Fix the ordering of POST calls for initial session/config data.
  • Console messaging when app store shared secret for receipt validation has not been set.
  • Check that app bundle ID matches bundle ID for given Nami AppID.
  • Minor UI fixes to terms text in paywalls.
  • Paywall links for Terms and Privacy Policy now open in-app Safari browser.


  • Built for Xcode 10.3, if you still use Xcode 10.2 use framework located in Xcode10-2 folder.
  • Added support of additional paywall features for sign-in, restore and legal items.
  • Adds callback to provide application to offer sign-in.
  • Improve detection of subscription expiration.
  • Added re-validation of receipt on regular basis to monitor purchase changes.
  • Re-validates receipt on first launch so users may not need to use restore-purchases.
  • Improved logging provider to be passed simpler non-http messaging.
  • SDK now batches multiple requests for same products if asked for before StoreKit loading finishes.
  • Fixed support for safe area at bottom of paywall screen.
  • Added callback for Restore Purchase call in NamiStoreKitHelper so that app can present messaging when complete.
  • Improves helpers for parsing receipt purchase fragments.
  • Added method to NamiLogging to handle simpler logging.


  • Added a simple demo app to illustrate how the SDK works.
  • Added mechanism to clear bypassStoreKit purchases.
  • Improved handling of the StoreKit transaction queue.
  • Fixed persistence of StoreKit and bypassStoreKit purchases.
  • Improved logging provider to be passed simpler non-http messaging.


First release of the Nami Smart Paywall Platform for iOS SDK. To request an invite, visit https://www.nami.ml/request.

  • Nami paywalls- build a paywall in our cloud environment
  • App defined paywalls- control or modify your existing in-app paywall through the Nami platform
  • Business as usual campaigns- put business rules around how paywalls are displayed to your users
  • Simplify StoreKit development
  • Test purchase flows in StoreKit
  • Server-side StoreKit receipt verification
  • Label core content and user actions to enable machine learning based rules for your campaigns and paywalls
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