An App Defined Paywall allows your developer to control the implementation details of your app's paywall, but still allows some marketer control.

App Defined Paywalls allow the following attributes of your paywall to be managed from the Nami Control Center:
Content: Title, body text
Products: In-app purchase products offered for sale
Legal: Purchase terms

Please note that for changes to all of these attributes to affect your App Defined Paywall, there is work that must be done by your app developer!

The Nami SDK can trigger the presentation of an App Defined Paywall via a campaign, or your developer can programmatically present the paywall.

App Defined Paywalls still benefit from Nami performance reporting found at Nami Control Center > Performance.

If you want Nami to shift all aspects of your paywall to the cloud, consider using a Nami Paywall.

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