You are currently logged in to the Nami Control Center updating background artwork for phone or tablet or making changes to the title and body text of a paywall.  You hit update and set the campaign live, but then don't see any changes in your actual app.

What's going on?

In order to answer this question, we'll need to get a little technical and look at what is happening under the hood with an App Defined Paywall.

What's going on under the hood?

When you set up Content, Products, or Legal information for an App Defined Paywall (see here for more details), these data are set in a JSON object that is sent to your app.

Your app is then able to read these data and use them to render a paywall experience.

The important difference between an App Defined Paywall and Nami Paywall is that your app developers must read the data in this JSON object and use it in displaying your in-app paywall.

If your development team has not done this, the changes you are making on the Paywall tabs will not show up!  

If something isn't working the way you expect, make sure to check with your developers to see how they've implemented App Defined Paywalls in your app.

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