The NamiMetaProduct is an internal object used by the SDK to store data related to an in-app purchase product.  In some parts of the SDK we expose this object so you can use it in your app.

A NamiMetaProduct object is meant to hold some metadata about a SKProduct that can be of further use beyond just the SKProduct object alone.

The fields it offers are:

  • product - the original SKProduct the NamiMetaProduct is based on.  Will always be populated.  This contains items like the productIdentifier, a product base price, and a price locale to understand the currency of the price.  See the Apple iOS SDK documentation for more information on SKProduct.
  • productIdentifier - a quick way to get the same productIdentifier the SKProduct holds.
  • namiProductInfoDict - dictionary that holds metadata about the product passed down from the Nami console, either as part of a paywall or standalone metadata about a product.
  • isPurchased - returns TRUE if this product is currently considered purchased.
  • productPurchase - any records found in the StoreKit receipt for a purchased product.  May be empty if the product has not been purchased, or if the receipt data is not yet known.
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