Apple's Server to Server Notifications are a service provided by Apple for auto-renewable subscriptions.

You can read more about this product from Apple here.

Apple strongly recommends any customer offering subscriptions set up a web server to process these events and update your mobile app based the data received.  Nami can receive and process these events on your behalf to make sure your customer's subscription status is always up to date with the most recent information.

  1. Log in to App Store Connect
  2. Click "My Apps".
  3. Select the App that you wish to add to the Nami Platform.
  4. Under Subscription Status URL, please add the following link:

Example App Information screen with server notification link.

5.  Add your App's Shared Secret to the Control Center..
    a.  Log in to App Store Connect.
    b.  Go to "My Apps".
    c.  Select your app.
    d.  Click the "Features" tab on the top and make sure you are on "In-App Purchases".
    e. Click the "App-Specific Shared Secret" button on the right hand side.
    f.  Copy the shared secret.
    g. Open the Nami Control Center and navigate to your App Settings.
    h. Switch to the "Developer" tab.
    i.  Paste your Shared Secret into the form and click "Update" at the bottom of the screen.

Location in App Store Connect to find your Shared Secret.

Copy your Shared Secret from this screen.

App Settings screen in Control Center where you add the Shared Secret.

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